15 Management Trainee Programs You Should Apply To

15 Management Trainee Programs You Should Apply To

Management trainee programs are a great way to gain exposure in the field or industry you wish to specialize in. From banking, to telecommunications to oil and gas, corporations have tailored these management trainee programs so that trainees may get the most out the experience and training. So, what exactly does a Management Trainee Program involve?

What is a Management Trainee Program?

Management trainee programs involve selecting management trainee candidates who will work alongside and under the supervision of, a manager or executives of a company. The program is intended to prepare the candidate for an eventual managerial role within that organization.

Why join a Management Trainee Program?

They provide you with a unique and fast-tracked view into your chosen industry, be it banking, oil and gas or logistics. The training and mentoring provided will give you an enhanced understanding of a manager’s role and will prepare you for your own journey towards a leadership position. It also gives you a chance to hone your leadership, communication and teamwork skills, all of which are crucial for a successful career.

What are the requirements for successful candidates?

While the qualities for a successful candidate may vary from company to company, there are a few basic requirements which remain the same. Most candidates would have to be fresh graduates, have less than 2 years working experience, hold at least a Bachelor’s degree. Candidates should also have a keen interest in the relevant industry applied to.

Now that you know the basics. Here are the 15 Management Trainee Programs you should apply to, in no particular order:

1. Global Maybank Apprentice
Maybank’s Global Maybank Apprentice Program is a 2-year program aimed at graduates who are keen on a future in corporate banking. The Program combines both classroom and practical learning opportunities, as well as a possible placement in Maybank Indonesia, the Malaysian Headquarters, or in one of the ASEAN Subsidiaries.

Candidates who apply for the GMA Program should hold a Bachelor or Postgraduate qualification with a maximum service period of 2 years or an undergraduate student in their final year, with less than 3 months to graduation.

2. CIMB The Complete Banker Program
CIMB’s The Complete Banker Program is a 2-year program. In the first year, trainees will be given a 1-month intensive training period for candidates including professional development and career mapping opportunities, followed by an 11-month period in which candidates will be rotated across different business units in the bank, to develop a better understanding of the operations. In the second year, trainees will be able to select from a variety of development electives including regional and external job attachments. After the elective development period, there will be a 9-month job placement period within the Bank’s existing businesses.

A successful candidate would be a fresh graduate and possess a strong academic record.

3. Petronas Graduate Employability Enhancement Scheme (GEES)
The Petronas Graduate Employability Enhancement Scheme is aimed at increasing the employability of new graduates to assist them in gaining long term employment opportunities or to set up their own businesses

Applications for GEES are open year-round and only candidates aged 26 years and under are eligible to apply.Candidates must hold a Bachelor’s degree with a minimum CGPA of 3.0.

4. Maxis Graduate Program
The Maxis Graduate Program offer graduates a holistic training program for a 1- year period, in which candidates will be rotated between different tasks and functions. There are 5 programs to choose from, including Enterprise, Human Resources Sales and Services, Information Technology and Technology Strategy.

Candidates who are 21 years old and above, are fresh graduates with less than 12 months of working experience, and possess a Bachelor’s degree with at least a Second Class Honours (or CGPA of 3.3 and above) are eligible to apply.

5. Public Bank Management Trainee
Public Bank’s Management Trainee Program will see candidates undergo the PB Talent Max Program which offers them a cross-functional view of banking operations and management skills. The program allows candidates to select one of the available specialization areas which are Credit, Front Office, IT, Sales, Risk, Treasury and Internal Audit. All candidates will be given training on technical areas as well as soft skills development and will be given opportunities to give back to the community through the bank’s CSR programs.

Eligible candidates will have an undergraduate degree in any discipline, be a Malaysian citizen, and have a CGPA of at least 3.0.

6. Nestlé Management Trainee Program
The 2-year long Management Trainee Program by Nestle offers candidates many areas to specialize in including Sales, Marketing, Finance, Human Resources, Procurement, Supply Chain, Engineering, Production, Packaging and Quality Assurance. Candidates will be given a holistic view of the organisation and the relationship between different functions across the company’s value chain.

Successful candidates will hold a Bachelor’s degree with a minimum of CGPA of 3.2 and less than 2 years of working experience.

7. Nippon Paint Management Associate Program (MAP)
The Management Associate Program under Nippon Pain is an 18-month program in which management trainees will be rotated to different tasks in each department to understand the different roles and functions, as well as to develop their soft skills.

The management trainee position is open to all fresh graduates with degrees from any discipline, but those with degrees in related fields are encouraged to apply. Candidates must have a CGPA of at least 3.0.

8. Cognizant Graduate Program
Successful applicants of Cognizant’s Graduate Program can be assured of a strong cross-functional and collaborative experience. Trainees will get to customize and implement digital solutions for clients, analyse crucial data, engage with stakeholders, coordinate service lines and track the progress of projects.

9. Carlsberg Asia Graduate Trainee Program
The 24-month Graduate Trainee Program by Carlsberg Asia will offer graduates exposure across different roles and functions such as Sales, Marketing, Supply Chain, and Corporate. There is a 5-phase application process which candidates must undergo before being accepted.Eligible candidates will hold a 2nd Class Upper qualification or equivalent or a CGPA of 3.3. They would have at least a Bachelor’s degree, be a fresh graduate or someone with less than 2 years of working experience.

10. EY Graduate Program
EY’s Graduate Program will allow candidates to choose from 4 service areas namely Assurance, Consulting, Tax, and Strategy and Transactions. EY’s requirements are that the candidate be a motivated individual with good problem-solving skills and an ability to be flexible to changing workloads.

11. British American Tobacco Global Graduate Program
British American Tobacco’s Graduate Program offers candidates learning opportunities in their Marketing, Finance, Operations, Research & Development, Legal & External Affairs, Human Resources and Digital Business Solutions departments. Successful candidates will also work with international counterparts and will learn about both local and global strategies.

12. Alliance Bank’s Management Trainee Program
Trainees under Alliance Bank’s Management Program will have a personal mentor throughout the 12-month period to guide their progress and learning. The program will feature training on issues like negotiation skills, leadership, business etiquette, problem-solving, decision-making, and business ethics.Eligible candidates would have at least an associate degree or higher either in Business Management or in the Sciences.

13. Aeon Credit Management Trainee Program
Aeon Credit offers their Management Trainees an option to train under various departments including Store Operations, Shopping Store, Merchandising or other Supporting Departments. Selected Management Trainees will also be chosen from the Japan Trainee Program.An eligible candidate will be a Malaysian citizen, be between 21 and 26 years of age and possess a Bachelor’s Degree in any discipline.

14. Axiata Graduate Program
Axiata’s Graduate Program is an 18-month program that works on Rotations of jobs and tasks for the trainees. Intakes begin in January each year, and will give candidates an opportunity to have regional exposure during the later Rotations. After completion of the program, graduate trainees will be given permanent placements in the Axiata Group in line with their customised department experience.

Successful candidates will be Malaysian citizens, hold a Bachelor’s degree with a minimum of 3.3 CGPA or a Second-Class Upper qualification, and have less than one year working experience.

15. RHB Graduate Program
The RHB Graduate Program offers candidates training opportunities in multiple departments including Commercial, Corporate, Wholesale, Research, Digital & Technology Management and Finance Management. Candidates will be given regional exposure with the Bank and a competitive remuneration package.

The program is open to Malaysian and ASEAN nationalities with a recognized Bachelor’s degree with at least a 2nd Class Upper qualification and less than 2 years working experience.

Start your leadership journey today. Good luck!

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