Why You Should Update Your CV Regularly

Let’s ask ourselves the question first, how often do we revisit our CV or do we even have a CV in the first place?

For most people the resume is your first step,, It is always key to update your resume once every 6 months at least. The work environment we work in changes almost every day. Points that you thought were important could now be totally outdated.
Statistics suggest that less than 45 percent of professionals update their resumes yearly. Young professionals are more frequent than those in the age group of 40-55 years who are much less inclined to update their resumes on a regular basis. Some in the older age group have not gone back to their resumes even once!

One of the key signs that you need to make sure you update your resume is when your responsibilities change in your work profile. This could be anything from your role being multifunctional, additional certifications, increased team size, change in designation/level, etc. Today’s headhunters and HR corporate expect an interested candidate to send in his resume within 48hrs thus it’s always best to keep it ready rather than sending an old profile which would diminish your chances.

While Malaysia continues to see a large-scale hiring plan, it is critical your resume is always forward-looking. One key point is when you read your own resume it should give you the feeling that you are reading for the next vertical move else if your resume continues to only dwell in your history and not your capabilities it’s time for updating. One must remember that updating your profile is a 20-minute exercise and if you are not keeping track of what’s in and what’s out your resume is probably going into the archives.

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